~ Testimonials from Virginia Yoga Therapy clients working with Denyse Peterson ~

“Yoga with Denyse has sincerely been life-changing for me. I feel challenged both physically and mentally, as well as accepted. Denyse has encouraged me to accept and be grateful for where I am in my life’s journey while at the same time striving to improve myself. These philosophies have carried over in my personal life and have helped me to improve my relationships with my loved ones.”

~Amy (age 42)


Denyse Peterson has helped my daily life with her Yoga therapies. As a disabled Veteran with multiple medical conditions both physical and mental, there isn’t a day that passes by without having to resort to Yoga. Denyse has provided me the tools and guidance which have given me a new perspective to life with pain and suffering. My medical conditions are permanent and debilitating, however, without any hesitation, Denyse’ soothing Yoga voice, her Yoga techniques and professional dedication my wellbeing, is helping me cope with my conditions one day at a time. Thank you Denyse for your support, for the past teachings, and for the future to come.



I really enjoy Denyse’s approach to teaching to assure you that not only your body gets benefit, but so does you mind and soul. Her readings, willingness to listen to what is “needing attention” when you arrive, and the personal nature to allow you to talk when needed is so refreshing. She is also very effective at assuring you that you are making progress or pointing out when you need to make adjustments or strengthen your postures. Whatever your needs or desires for yoga, Denyse will help you reach beyond your goals – and not just on the mat!



Denyse’s Yoga Therapy is amazing. Having started a year and a half ago, it has become a part of my weekly schedule. After a few weeks, I experienced tremendous physical improvements: my sciatic pain was gone, my arthritic hips had more mobility, and I was feeling relaxed, crisper, and clearer. As an added bonus, the ability to sit cross-legged on the floor has become a reality! Yoga Therapy is relaxing and calming, and Denyse is wonderful. Thank you, Denyse for all you have done for me.

~Linda (age 69)


I take Yoga therapy because as I am getting older my balance is getting worse. Denyse is helping to improve my balance with the yoga also I find it improves my self-esteem. I am so glad I started Therapeutic yoga.