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Learn more about Yoga Therapy

Find out how Yoga Therapy can empower you to enjoy better quality of life! What is Yoga Therapy? Yoga Therapy addresses the whole person on all levels of being – physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This individualized approach to healing and wellness is client-centered and outcome-oriented. Learn to manage or eliminate symptoms that cause suffering, improve function, and change the relationship and identification with a specific disease state or condition that is causing a separation from health.

Yoga Therapy has been found to be effective for a wide range of conditions such as muscular and joint pain, inflammatory and immune conditions, emotional balance, mood regulation, stress management and neurological conditions.

Yoga is an ancient practice designed to promote health and wellbeing through self-awareness, breathing practices, mindful movement and meditation. Yoga Therapy supports personal change and transformation as the practitioner and client work closely together towards the client’s wellness goals.

Yoga Therapy can bring relief of symptoms, a higher level of daily functioning and a greater sense of wellbeing and ease. Your practitioner, Denyse, is able to work with your healthcare providers and wellness practitioners to provide a comprehensive and collaborative approach to your care.